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FOSDEM 2007, Debian Devroom, Brussels, Belgium

FOSDEM 2007, Debian Devroom, Brussels, Belgium

24th and 25th of February 2007

ToDo: netconf and formal dependency management talks not available as ogg theora, publish xvids like they are now?, publish mpeg1 files, collect all slides, create dvd...

The videos are licenced under this licence, the licence for the slides is included in the slides themselves.


TitleAuthorlow qualitygood qualitySlides
Testing migrationLuk Claes ogg theora 64M ogg theora 244M , xvid 231M download
Mole - Infrastructure for Managing InformationJeroen van Wolffelaar ogg theora 82M ogg theora 291M , xvid 294M download
Automated Testing of Debian PackageLucas Nussbaum ogg theora 46M ogg theora 175M , xvid 186M download
Delta Upgrades without rsyncMichael Vogt and Paul Sladen ogg theora 87M ogg theora 292M , xvid 286M download
Open Source VoIP with DebianDaniel Pocock ogg theora 86M ogg theora 286M , xvid 311M download


TitleAuthorlow qualitygood qualitySlides
Formal Dependency ManagementBerke Durak ogg theora 8.9M ogg theora 39M , xvid 318M download
NetconfMartin Krafft ogg theora 8.4M ogg theora 35M , xvid 454M download
Secret debian internalsEnrico Zini ogg theora 98M ogg theora 373M , xvid 407M download
Kernel and d-i in lenny and beyondSven Luther ogg theora 85M ogg theora 311M , xvid 325M not available
Running Debian on Inexpensive Network Storage DevicesMartin Michlmayr ogg theora 88M ogg theora 260M , xvid 270M download
Lets port togetherPeter de Schrijver ogg theora 78M ogg theora 296M , xvid 305M download
Automating installationsFrans Pop ogg theora 86M ogg theora 324M , xvid 360M download
Debian-Community.org pre-launchHolger Levsen ogg theora 61M ogg theora 233M , xvid 242M download

Scripts to encode the videos and create this page.