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FOSDEM 10 - the Distribution Developer Rooms

Videos are available in Ogg Theora+Vorbis format, in low-bandwidth (~300 kbit/s) and high-bandwidth (~1.5 Mbit/s) versions.

Videos were recorded by Dominique Dumont (H.1302) and by the DebConf video team (H.1308) with the assistance of some additional volunteers.

The audio from H.1308 is not great. This is the unfortunate result of having to use a single mixer for recording and PA - we got quiet PA and a noisy recording. Unfortunately there is probably nothing we can do to fix it now.

When Room Event Speaker Media
Sat  13:00-13:45 H.1302 Hermes Message Dispatching Klaas Freitag low high
Sat  13:45-14:30 H.1302 YaST - Future Roadmap Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett low high
Sat  14:00-14:45 H.1308 The Maemo Community Council: a case-study in governance Dave Neary low high
Sat  14:30-15:15 H.1302 MirrorBrain Peter Poeml low high
Sat  14:45-15:30 H.1308 Fedora Governance Max Spevack low high
Sat  15:15-16:15 H.1302 Infrastructure round table Ralph Angenendt low high
Sat  15:30-16:15 H.1308 Distribution HR management Petteri Räty low high
Sat  16:15-16:45 H.1308 bootchart2 Michael Meeks low high
Sat  16:45-17:30 H.1308 Mobile distributions and upstream challenges Andrew Savory low high
Sat  16:45-17:30 H.1302 Translations of package descriptions Anne Nicolas low high
Sat  17:30-18:15 H.1302 Working with GNOME upstream Vincent Untz low high
Sat  17:30-18:15 H.1308 Fedora-fr and upstream French communities Armel Kermovant low high
Sat  18:15-19:00 H.1308 How to be a good upstream Petteri Räty low high
Sat  18:15-19:00 H.1302 Spacewalk: Linux Systems Lifecycle Management Marcus Moeller, Sandro Mathys low high
Sun  09:15-10:00 H.1302 Linux distribution for the cloud Peter Eisentraut low high
Sun  10:00-10:45 H.1308 Transactional Roll-backs and Upgrades John Thomson not recorded
Sun  10:00-10:45 H.1302 Packaging perl and CPAN modules Gabor Szabo low high
Sun  10:45-11:30 H.1308 The youri project Guillaume Rousse low high
Sun  10:45-11:30 H.1302 Config::Model and configuration upgrades during package upgrade Dominique Dumont low high
Sun  11:30-12:15 H.1308 Cross-distro packaging experience with the openSUSE Buildservice Adrian Schroeter low high
Sun  11:30-12:15 H.1302 NixOS' configuration system Nicolas Pierron low high
Sun  12:15-13:00 H.1308 Shared libraries in Debian Sune Vuorela low high
Sun  12:15-13:00 H.1302 Cross distro packaging with (top)git Thomas Koch low high
Sun  13:00-13:45 H.1308 Cross-distro dependency resolution: reusing solvers among distros Stefano Zacchiroli low high
Sun  13:00-13:45 H.1302 RPM packaging collaboration Pavol Rusnak low high
Sun  13:45-14:30 H.1308 Debian and Ubuntu Lucas Nussbaum low high
Sun  14:45-15:30 H.1308 Transactionally Protected Package Management Jeff Johnson low high
Sun  14:45-15:30 H.1302 Distribution Image building with KIWI Christopher Hofmann low high
Sun  15:30-16:15 H.1308 Continuous Packaging with Project-Builder.org Bruno Cornec low high
Sun  15:30-16:15 H.1302 Dracut - a generic, modular initramfs generation tool Harald Hoyer low high
Sun  16:15-17:00 H.1308 Debian Secrets: power tools for power users Wouter Verhelst low high
Sun  16:15-17:00 H.1302 SUSE Studio Matt Barringer not recorded