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ThisWeekInDebian - 2010

This Week In Debian

Episodes recorded 2010

  1. Stefano Zacchiroli - Debian in general, DPL interview (ogg, mp3)
  2. Ben Hutchings - kernel team (ogg, mp3)
  3. Margarita Manterola - Debian Women (ogg, mp3)
  4. Neil McGovern - Release team (ogg, mp3)
  5. Axel Beckert - Debian GNU/kFreeBSD (ogg, mp3)
  6. Samuel Thibault - Debian accessiblity team (ogg, mp3)
  7. Moritz Muehlenhoff - Debian security team (ogg, mp3)
  8. Niels Thykier - Debian Java Packages (ogg, mp3)
  9. Lars Wirzenius - Upstream Front Desk project (ogg, mp3)
  10. Jeremiah Foster - Maemo team (ogg, mp3)
  11. Asheesh Laroia - Debian Mentor Community (ogg, mp3)
  12. Dave Yates - host of Lotta Linux Links Podcast (ogg, mp3)
  13. Jorge Castro - Ubuntu as Debian derivative (ogg, mp3)