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ThisWeekInDebian - 2011

This Week In Debian

Episodes recorded 2011

  1. Jonathan Nadeau - latest Debian News, upcoming squeeze release (ogg, mp3)
  2. Rhonda - Debian Webmaster Team, Backports Team (ogg, mp3)
  3. Jonas Smedegaard - Freedom Box (ogg, mp3)
  4. Andreas Tille - Debian Pure Blends (ogg, mp3)
  5. RaphaŽl Hertzog - DPKG, CUT (ogg, mp3)
  6. Stefano Zacchiroli - Interview with Debian Project Leader, Zack. (ogg, mp3)
  7. Jon "Maddog" Hall - Project Caua (ogg, mp3)
  8. Adnan Hodzic - Interview with Adnan discussing Debconf 2011 in Bosnia. (ogg, mp3)
  9. Jo Shields - Interview with Jo Shields, Debian Mono Team. (ogg, mp3)
  10. Jonathan Nadeau - Debian and the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest. (ogg, mp3)
  11. Jonathan Nadeau - current Debian news. (ogg, mp3)
  12. Roberto Sanchez - talk at the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest. (ogg, mp3)
  13. Phillip Newborough - ogg, mp3)
  14. Jonathan Nadeau gives an update on Frostbite Media. (ogg, mp3)
  15. Jonathan Nadeau talks about the Ohio LInux Fest and his internship at the FSF. (ogg, mp3)
  16. Adnan Hodzic - DebConf11 summary and its after effects. (ogg, mp3)
  17. Jonathan Nadeau interviews Raphael about the Debian handbook. (ogg)
  18. Northeast GNU/Linux fest (ogg)