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Michael Stapelbergs Debian blog

Michael Stapelberg's Debian Blog

Talk about Debian Code Search (2013-06-17)

At this year's GPN13 I gave a talk about Debian Code Search. It was in German, so I spent a few hours creating english subtitles.

Get the video at http://ftp.ccc.de/events/gpn/gpn13/gpn13-debian-code-search.mp4 (84 MiB) and the corresponding subtitle file at http://t.zekjur.net/gpn13-debian-code-search.srt. Drop both files in the same directory, run mplayer gpn13-debian-code-search.mp4 and press v to enable subtitles. I intend to eventually put the (subtitled) video on YouTube and refer to it from codesearch.debian.net, but I wanted to post the video in its current form already.

The presentation itself explains the motivation behind Debian Code Search and how it works. You don't need any knowledge of the system in order to understand the talk. Enjoy!