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Wild demo

1. Get Real by Assembly NetCrew
  shown as #7 Points: 3507
2. Paha posteljooni by Insane Bastards productions
  shown as #3 Points: 2643
3. Tuikea Torsti by CBU - ryhmä
  shown as #4 Points: 1795
4. Special FX by Pixel/Future Crew
  shown as #8 Points: 1109
5. Ankara Kosto 2 by Moottori / Kosto Productions
  shown as #1 Points: 869
6. Heavy Chase by Keijo Atam Salama
  shown as #6 Points: 337
7. Echoes Of The Dawn -video by Advanced Illusion Team
  shown as #5 Points: 312
8. Nightmare by Incredible Team
  shown as #2 Points: 307
. Natural by Crystal Bizarre
  Not shown Points:
. Tin Machine by Execution
  Not shown Points:
. Cursed Forest 3 by Gib Crew
  Not shown Points:
. Plutonium98 by Plutonium98 org.
  Not shown Points:
. Titanic by Bejrutt / Ste83
  Not shown Points:
. Supakilla by Din ja Mage
  Not shown Points:
. Bleam by Lionhead
  Not shown Points:
. Real Demo by Hämäläiset
  Not shown Points:
. hjk by jkj
  Not shown Points:
. Mister M by Spaketti Produkts
  Not shown Points: